Alliance For Renewable Energy of Laramie

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Our mission

Our mission is to transition our communities to renewable energy based on scientific data, economic fairness, public education, and support.

Our vision

Our vision is a community that sustains its energy needs though renewable and sustainable energy.

Ed Koncel

Ed is a Laramie resident, retired from the Physics faculty of U.W., who is an avid hiker with his dog in the hills around Laramie. He has promoted renewable energy for ARE in numerous public venues and his own 6.90 kW home solar system became active last year.

Conor Mullen

Conor is a Climate and Legislative Organizer for Sierra Club Wyoming. Living in Laramie, he finds fulfillment in working to creatively and collaboratively advance social, environmental, and climate justice. He enjoys finding community through skateboarding, art/photo projects, and adventuring with his dog Nora.

Lynn Jones

Lynn has been a member of the Laramie community for 23 years with previous experience as treasurer and executive director for several non-profits. In addition to her love for the outdoors and gardening, she is an accomplished artist and teaches art around the western region.

Liza Cuthbert-Millett

Liza moved to Laramie to attend UW and graduate with BS in Zoology and Physiology and complete her MS through the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. She operates her family's ranch in NE Wyoming and engages on a variety of agricultural and energy issues.

Leo Pueblitz

Leo has been a member of the Laramie community since 1996 and is currently employed by Creative Energies Solar. He is a NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Associate and also serves as a board member for the Wyoming Solar Energy Association.

Sean Moran

Sean is a recent graduate from the University of Wyoming with previous involvement in local organizations focused on human rights and sustainability. Sean currently works as a data analyst for an organization that prioritizes education, equity, and access.

Madeline Dalrymple

Madeline works by day for the University of Wyoming, and works by evenings and weekends for climate solution organizations.

Joe Schroer

Joe is a life-long educator who is passionate about getting kids outside learning within and about the environment. He is a strong supporter of creating a sustainable energy future for Wyomingites and future generations.

Finn Jackson

Finn is a recent University of Wyoming graduate in Environmental Systems Science and Environment & Natural Resources. Finn has been an active member of UW's Sustainability Coalition for 4 years as a co-leader and zero waste intern for the organization.

To change the future

We advocate for:

  • Laramie to meet its Carbon Neutral by 2050 commitment.
  • Creating a comprehensive carbon emissions reduction plan.
  • Partnerships that help to foster a just transition to renewable energy and energy efficient infrastructure.
  • Provide education and outreach on renewable opportunities for Laramie.¬†¬†
  • A strong stance on the reality of climate change and Wyoming’s changing energy landscape.

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We need every voice to ensure Laramie’s sustainable future. Join the movement¬†

Alliance for Renewable Energy in laramie is fully affiliated with Powder River Basin Resource Council and operates under the organization's 501c3 non-profit tax exempt status. All donations for ARE are submitted through Powder River Basin Resource Council and earmarked for ARE.