Want to support the City of Laramie’s net zero carbon emissions goal? Tell the Environmental Advisory Committee and the Laramie City Council to SUPPORT the City’s draft Emission Reduction Plan!

Take Action: Upcoming Meetings!

Environmental Advisory Committee: The EAC’s role is to advise the City Council and the board of County Commissioners on environmental issues. The EAC, which has a responsibility to receive public input concerning environmental problems, discussed the Emission Reduction Plan in early March but did not reach a consensus regarding what they will recommend to the City Council. The EAC will meet again on Thursday, April 4 at 6 PM in the City Council Chambers in City Hall (406 Ivinson Ave). Please continue to tell the EAC that you support the Emission Reduction Plan by emailing jsmith@cityoflaramie.org and showing up to the EAC meeting!

City Council: No matter the recommendation from the EAC, the City Council will discuss the Emission Reduction Plan on Tuesday, April 23 at 6:30 PM at the City Council Chambers. Please encourage the City Council to VOTE YES on the Emission Reduction Plan! You can email the City Council at council@cityoflaramie.org, and like with the EAC meeting, we want to pack the room! Spread the word to your family and friends. Let’s show the City of Laramie that we care about our future! 

Talking Points

  • I am a member of the Laramie community and I strongly urge you to support the draft Emission Reduction Plan. 
  • We need a roadmap if we’re going to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Having an Emission Reduction Plan will open up important funding opportunities for Laramie and allow the City to take action to reduce its emissions.
  • The draft Emission Reduction Plan demonstrates that Laramie’s net zero goal is achievable. By embracing current and future technologies, Laramie can drastically reduce its emissions.
  • By adopting an action plan now, we will be better prepared to protect our community against pollution and the negative and costly impacts of climate change.


As many of you may remember, the City of Laramie passed a carbon emissions neutrality resolution back in 2020. Community members packed the room to support this resolution. Resolution 2020-14, which applies to emissions from municipal operations, established a goal of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. The ordinance states that a “two-pronged” approach should be used to achieve this goal, combining municipal reductions in carbon production with broader community-based efforts.

Since the passage of the resolution, the City of Laramie carefully developed a draft Emission Reduction Plan that the City Council will consider on April 23. This action plan is based on thorough research and feedback. Importantly, the plan recommends the City of Laramie hire a sustainability coordinator to support the City’s net zero goal. You can find the draft plan here:  Laramie Draft Emission Reduction Plan

The City Council will vote on the adoption of this plan, but first, the Environmental Advisory Committee will review the plan and determine whether to recommend the City Council to adopt it. Please show your support for the Emission Reduction Plan by attending the meetings and contacting the emails listed above!