Our friends at City Climate Corner recently released a new episode featuring students from the University of Wyoming and their efforts to promote sustainable initiatives/planning within the local community. Follow the link below to hear these students (Chelsea Taylor, Zac Isler, and Jarad O’Brien) talk about their projects, their impact on Laramie, and the “town-n-gown” relationship developing between UW and Laramie. Share with your friends, family, and neighbors!


Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources Campus Sustainability class visiting the University of Wyoming Central Energy Plant.
Joint UW/Community Climate Action Plan project group – UW Spring 2021 Campus Sustainability class. (Left to right) Finnegan Jackson, Jarad O’Brien, Project Mentor Alec Muthig, and Scott Broyles. Not pictured: UW Student Amrey Plemel and Project Mentor Monika Leininger.


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