Greetings and Happy New Year from the Alliance for Renewable Energy of Laramie! Interested in volunteering to serve the betterment of your community and share your knowledge/expertise? The City of Laramie is looking for interested citizens to fill vacancies on various boards/commissions. One of which is the Environmental Advisory Committee, who ARE has worked with extensively on past projects and initiatives. The EAC will be meeting on Thursday, February 3rd at 6 pm via Zoom to review all applicants. So make sure to submit your application by then. For a complete list of vacancies and instructions please click the following link.

Don’t have the time to commit to serving on a local board/commission but still want to keep up-to-date on local events? Most if not all meetings are still being held via Zoom. Namely, Laramie City Council has a live Youtube Feed where you can view and review all their meetings. Albany County Commissioners also have a similar Youtube Channel for your convenience. Moreover, current and past agendas, recordings, and Zoom links for each board/commission are posted in the Agenda Center at least 3 days before each meeting. For more detailed instructions on how to participate and where to send your questions feel free to visit their webpage.

For your convenience we’ve included all available resources and the appropriate links below:

Agenda Center (City)

Agenda Center (County)

Laramie City Council Webpage

Laramie City Council Youtube Channel

Albany County Board of Commissioners Webpage

Albany County Board of Commissioners Youtube Channel

Whether it be on a county or city level, getting involved is a critical part of making our home a better place for all. We at ARE want to thank everyone involved for their hard work and engagement this last year. Here’s to everything we’ve accomplished together last year, and to the grand opportunities in 2022!

Image Credit: City of Laramie Webpage


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