Laramie Leaders Featured on City Climate Corner Podcast!

Recently ARE and City and University leaders spoke with the City Climate Corner podcast to share how Laramie is taking action on reducing our city’s carbon emissions, even in coal-country Wyoming. Listen to the podcast episode using the link below and share with your friends, family and neighbors!

Biden’s EV plan is enormous. And maybe too small

ELECTRIC VEHICLES David Ferris, E&E News reporter Published: Thursday, April 8, 2021Electric vehicle experts aren’t sure that President Biden’s $174 billion plan for EVs is enough for the U.S. to make a transition away from fossil fuels. Claudine Hellmuth/E&E News (illustration); Joenomias/Pixabay (cars, charging station); BruceEmmerling/Pixabay (Baltimore)When President Biden rolled out Read more…